Fun Dealz on a Saturday~

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Just wanted to pop in for a minute and let you guys know about the Christmas in July deals going on right now on Groop Dealz...

Personally, I'm LOVIN' those bib necklaces...they're only $19.99!  Oh!  and those cute chalkboard labels...they're only $4 for a set of 12!


Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

I am afraid that I don't have a Frugal Round-up for today because I have been playing  blogging "hookey" this week since my younger sister and her girls have been staying with us while visiting from California.

 I promise to have a double-size version of my Frugal Round-up next week.  Thanks for understanding. :-)

I will share last week's Fan Favorite with you all though....

It's this darling uphosltered coffee-table-turned-bench shared by Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss.  I just love the happy, yellow fabric!!

Now it's your turn! You know "da rules"...


Making Ourselves Happy at Home~

I have not been able to stop thinking about my decorating philosophy that I shared with you last week.  In that post, I tried to express the fact that I believe our homes are more than just a roof over our heads.  I believe that our homes are "haven(s) where we can regroup, gather as a family and create a stronghold for our children, our spouses and ourselves."  In short, I believe our homes should be places where we can be happy.

A few days ago, a post appeared on Apartment Therapy which outlined 10 ways to make our homes happier places.  A few of their points really resonated with me, and today I thought I'd share those points as well as a few of my own that are easy to incorporate and can make a big difference in how we feel inside our homes.


Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

The Fan Favorite from last week is this fun dresser-turned-tv-stand shared by Two Twenty-One.  Great idea!

Now on to my Frugal Round-up...

Rule #1 To Get The Decor You Want on a Dime: Compromise~

Since we're about to embark on this Luxe For Less adventure together, I have to share the first rule of decorating for less:  Compromise.   Often, when we think of the word compromise, we interpret it as getting less than what we want in order to make things work out.  In decorating, you are going to have to give the word  Compromise a new definition. 

The decorating definition of the word Compromise:

So if we're just as happy, where's the compromise?  The compromise lies in the fact that you have to let go of your desire for the more expensive piece in order to find something that will work just as well.  This isn't always easy, but I've found that in the long run, it is a lot more satisfying.


Luxe for Less: My Decorating and Blogging Philosophy~

I had an "aha! experience" last week, a serious "lightbulb moment", if you will.  It started simply enough, with a conversation about decorating.  Not that conversations about decorating are uncommon in my life, mind you.  As an interior designer and a home decor/diy blogger, they are probably one of the most common types of conversations that I have.  But this conversation was different in the unexpectedly overwhelming impact that it had on me. 

I was talking with a friend about a compulsion she was having to decorate her home.  She was expressing to me the fact that she thought she was being silly because she was struggling financially, and she felt that her home was probably the last place she should be spending money.  And yet, she felt overwhelmingly drawn to decorate the space and to make it a true reflection of who she is.


Growth Charts~

My kids are growing up so fast. Two weeks ago, my oldest turned 12. Twelve. 1-2. It's hard for me to wrap my head around it. And last week, I took my three boys for their semi-annual appointments with their pediatric GI at Primary Children's Hospital to check the status of their Alpha-1

As they always do at a doctor appointment, the nurse started out by weighing and measuring the boys.  I was taking mental notes (as I usually do) of the boys' current heights and weights.  And I was slightly awed by the fact that my 12-year-old is only about 3" shorter than his mama.  Yep.  It won't be long now until he is taller than I am.


Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

It's been a scorcher here this week...so we've spent a lot of time at the pool.  But I still had a chance to go through all the fun links to last week's party.  So why don't I share a few with you now?

First up, the Fan Favorite from last week was this cute patriotic paper star tutorial shared by Inspiration for Moms

And here's my Frugal Round Up from last week.


How To Create A Custom Cell Phone Case~

I've been in love with all of the cute, trendy cell phone cases I've been seeing online.  Here's the problem...they're pretty much all meant for iPhones. What about those of us who still use droids??  Well, I have have a solution...

I saw this idea ages ago...long before I had a Pinterest account...so I honestly don't remember where the idea came from...but here's my version of a tutorial for you.


Frugal Friday~

Welcome to this week's edition of Frugal Friday!

There were lots of fabulous inspiration-filled posts linked up to last week's party.  So let's start with the Fan Favorite.

The Fan Favorite from last week was this cute scrapbook-paper-turned-wallpaper-ed closet linked up by Dream and Differ.

And now on to my Frugal Round-up...

Giveaway Winners~

Popping in on this rainy Thursday to announce some giveaway winners...

photo via IKEA

First, the four winners of the Flood OneCoat Deck Stain one gallon vouchers are...
1. Jackie from Oh em gee
2. Angie from Sandals and Daisies
3. Jenny from L.O.T.S of  Love
4. AnneMarie from Sew We Quilt


The winner of the $100 Amex gift card from Apartment Guide is....

Debbie from On The Refrigerator Door

Congratulations ladies.  Please email  me and we'll get you set up with your prizes!


The Great Tooth Fairy Experiment~

Two of the kiddos lost teeth last week.  That means that the Tooth Fairy was forced to visit our house twice.  Yep.  Twice in ONE WEEK.

I'm thinking that the Tooth Fairy was getting a little bored with the old "leave the tooth under your pillow" bit - even though we had very cute tooth pillows to keep those teeth in.  Let me tell you why.


Nestkeeping: June Monthly Recap and Top 5 Referrers~

So the question I've had on my mind all day today is "HOW DID JULY SNEAK UP ON ME??"  I mean seriously, I looked at the calendar this morning and I was a bit surprised.  It seems like June just started yesterday and now it's July.  Summer is speeding by in a blur. 

Perhaps it's because June was a pretty exciting month around these parts.

via One Charming Party